Staff member and Resident PictureWe are a member of the Mississippi Health Care Association and licensed by the Department of Health and Hospitals.

Our Commitment to You

The resident always comes first. The resident is not just part of our job, the resident is our job. We strive to meet the resident’s expectations not only by complying with the state and federal guidelines, but also by treating the resident with courtesy, attention, and an extra measure of understanding, optimism and cheerfulness.

Little things are important. Everything we do for or on behalf of a resident, no matter how small that service might seem to be, is an important and worthwhile contribution. Each employee plays an important role in resident care and should remember that it’s the “little” personal things that count.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We recognize the value, diversity and importance of each of our residents, each other and our business partners. Our conduct in the presence of residents and others will follow this simple guideline. We will keep in mind what we would expect if we were a resident here and will always consider the needs, wants and expectations we would have as a resident of the facility.